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What is the best way to get motivated seller leads ? The best way to generatemotivated seller leads
motivated seller leads is through the internet. Over 90 percent of people who need to sell their house turn to the internet to see their selling options and that is a very large number of people who are on the internet looking for the best way to sell their house fast, and the number is not going down.

Have them contacting you to buy their house. If you can position yourself to be on the other end of the internet when they are researching the fastest way they can sell their house, you can not loose. Have your website targeted to your local area. If you do not have a website sign up for an inexpensive lead broker site. Then start your own pay per click marketing campaign and free advertising. If you are waiting for a closing one month and your marketing funds are tight, you can pause your pay per click marketing campaign and start it up again the following month.

Once you have a website that is optimized to capture motivated buyer and motivated seller leads you can use the website to generate free leads.Motivated sellers are not too difficult to find, however they just don't come out and shout "Here I am ". It can be safely said the more difficult your search the less competition you're going to have for these sellers.

Clues For Finding A Motivated Seller

Find a neglected properties. If they aren't maintaining the property, they may be short on cash, tired of it, or out of town - all good motivators. Use a property tax rolls. Go to the county records, which are open to the public in most places. What you are looking for is properties that list an owner with an address far away. You could have found us this way, and bought our place for less than we got. Just before school starts, people are motivated to get their house sold so they can get their kids enrolled in the new school where they are moving. If an apartment building has been sitting there for sale for the whole winter, the owner may be tired of the bills and ready to get it sold fast.

If you are being transferred, enlarging your family, or preparing to make an offer on another home, you are a motivated seller - ready to make the best deal to sell your home quickly. You and your real estate agent can take numerous and appropriate actions to help you meet your goals.

So which kind of seller are you? You may see yourself as a motivated seller, but one who has just a few decisions to make first. If so, here are a few things you can do so that the time you and your agent spend is productive, and not wasteful for either of you. Interview your agent honestly. Tell the agent up front that you don't have a time frame, but share your basic plans and what the hurdles are. Perhaps the agent may have suggestions to move you forward.

Use the agent's expertise to advantage. Ask the agent for his/her advice as to what types of will be most useful to you in your particular situation. His/her answers may surprise you, as well as move you more quickly toward your goal. Be willing to pay for information. Many top agents will give you the comparables you want at a reasonable fee. Others may be willing to consult with you on an hourly basis until you are ready to sell. You can request that the consultation fees be rebated when you list and close your home with the agent.

Don't use an agent with the intention of stiffing him/her. Some sellers think it is okay to get all the information from one agent, usually the top producer in the area, and then give the listing to Aunt Sally. This is wrong and could come back to haunt you in ways you'll never know. If you don't trust Aunt Sally to do the work on your home from beginning to end, chances are she might have a less than stellar reputation in the marketplace, too. It's a fact that good agents like to show other good agents' homes, not the homes of people they don't trust. Also, word gets around, including everything you told the agent (who no longer represents you). The agent is also free to share with other agents what her first impressions of your house really were. Think everything from fewer showings to no showings, and lower offers to no offers.

Learn about agency. Before you divulge some types of information to an agent, make sure that the agent will be serving your interests exclusively in the transaction. If you don't have a contract with the agent, s/he is under no obligation to keep what you tell him/her private, particularly when your home comes on the market via another agent.

Keep the agent updated. If your plans start to gel, let the agent know. He/She may be able to take some actions on your behalf that will move things along. One of the best tried and true methods to finding the motivated sellers in your market is through the newspaper. Once you know the format and wording to use, the rest is just details.

Here's another twist on lead generation that looks like an open playing field now - selling leads on motivated sellers to real estate investors (many of whom are Realtors). Just a simple business idea, but maybe they should form another company to do so.
Need More Real Estate Leads? Don't have a lot of money to spend on getting them? Then join the club. But believe it or not there are ways to generate low cost leads and have fun giving back to your local community at the same time.

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